Gift Guide for Video Geeks

Everyone is a videographer these days. Big news outlets often lean on ameteur shots from cell phones for coverage of breaking news stories. Cat and dog compilations still manage to garner huge viral hits on the Web, all thanks to ...

How Is Timelapse Made?

The definition of time-lapse photography is pretty simple: You play something back at a higher frame rate to create an effect that looks as though time is passing faster than normal. That is the simple part. Time-lapse gives us a ...
360 cinemagraphs

Are These the World’s First 360 Cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs are everywhere, but these examples are beautifully different. Always one to experiment with visual media in delightful ways, Eran Amir has created the first 360 degree cinemagraphs that put you inside the moving image.