10 Spectacular Wooden Churches From Russia

In Mother Russia, wood is an important resource for survival and life… well, at least in the old days that is. For over a thousand years, almost everything was made from the strong trees in the country. These included houses, ...

Artist Creates Paintings Out of Dead Butterfly Wings

Butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, but with a lifespan ranging from a few days to a year (for migrating Monarch), but on average a few weeks, their beauty is ephemeral. Russian artist Vadim Zaritsky immortalizes the magnificence ...
15 Timur Zhansultanov

In My Own Eyes- A Unique Photography Perspective

With social sites like Instagram, we are getting more of a peek into the everyday events of lives all around the world, but Kazakh photographer Timur Zhansultanov provided a different approach. For the past 2 years he has been snapping ...
Schusev State Museum of Architecture Advertising Campaign 1

A Russian Museum of Architecture’s Smart Ad Campaign

With the smart tag line “Discover the Full Story,” the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow recently released a seriously slick advertising campaign. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Russia, it sees historic Russian buildings extending far into the ground ...

Man & The Moon: A Dreamy Collection Of Photos

There is not much more beautiful than being in nature late at night and seeing your surroundings illuminated by the moon, but what if you could take that natural night light with you to light up darkness wherever you go? ...
Victoria Tsarkova No Politics Just a Joke_01

No Politics, Just a Joke: Satirical Art from Russia

Nothing is sacred in Victoria Tsarkova’s new series and show, No Politics. Just a Joke. She has taken key figures from the world of politics and culture, mashing them up in unexpected ways which are highly satirical, funny and even ...
Russian Statues 13

Russian Statues Protest for Pussy Riot

Earlier this year they were a mostly unknown feminist punk band from Russia… but now they have become an international phenomenon and a wakeup call to the reality of social freedoms in the modern Russian Federation. The group, called Pussy ...

That’s Not Snow, That’s Kiev in Infrared

Would you like to go for a walk? How about in Kiev, Ukraine in a place called Andrews Descent? Recently reopened, photographer Elektraua shot photos of the place which is often described as the “Montmartre of Kiev”, using infrared film.