Hipster Ads Go Mainstream 7

What if Hipster Brands Went Mainstream?

Some brands just get copied, others just get the munchies, but these brands have decided to go mainstream. It’s a rough road to take in our designer coffee, typography loving hip culture, but somebody had to do it.

What Not To Wear To Stores

Have you ever been out shopping and noticed another customer staring over at you with a perplexed look on their face? You look over at them, give a small nod and smile, then go back to digging through the t-shirts ...
Bec Wonders 6

Tearing Through: Portraits by Bec Wonders

Like personalities tearing off their external masks, these wild portraits reveal the person inside the person. Bec Wonders, the talent behind these works and the face you see above, has combined her excellent, moody portrait photography with paint in this ...
Nicole Martinez 5

Expressions Of Love With A Nerdy Twist

Now here are some posters to warm the heart of any proud nerd! Nicole Martinez, an illustrator, art director and graphic designer from Boston says this of the inspiration behind the prints: “My boyfriend and I came up with the ...

Awesome But True: Colored Pencil Illustrations

Coming straight from a colored pencil parallel universe, the artwork of Awesome But True is part high-school nostalgia and part psychedelic mind bender. Featuring a host of imaginative, undefinable characters while showing no fear of many vibrant colors, the pieces ...

The Illustration and Character Design of Josh Holland

Josh Holland says he got his artistic start drawing Sesame Street characters from memory, creating “Crayola caked” notebooks in the process. It’s good to see young enthusiasm pay off. His vibrant illustrations play with pop culture references and often center ...
Word Paintings 1

A New Voice for Vintage Paintings

Using vintage lithographic reproductions of romantic 19th century paintings, artist Wayne White inserts his own bold phrases and words. His careful attention to details like reflection and shadow make the images appear as if this was the way they were ...