Hipster Leaders 2

Portraits of World Leaders as Hipsters

Artist Amit Shimoni often found himself thinking about the motivations and beliefs of the world’s leaders, past and present. Then he wondered, how did they compare to the millennial generation? Taking particular notice of a millennial’s consideration for fashion and ...

The Art of the Camping Trailer

The United States is a big country and in order to really discover the vast and diverse land, it is convenient to have some sort of mobile living space. There are all sorts of mobile living spaces to travel in ...
Satire in a time of terror - Listen Magazine

Conceptual Illustration by Francesco Bongiorni

Francesco Bongiorni is an Italian freelance illustrator whose clients have included the New York Times, Harvard Business Review and Business Week. Based in Madrid,  Francesco creates minimalist, conceptual illustrations that are often used to enhance an article, book, or other ...
Liza Van Rees 2

Serene Digital Illustrations by Liza Van Rees

In the town of Roermond in Southern Holland is an artist by the name of Liza van Rees. Not much is known about her except that she focuses on creating graphic images of women who symbolize and produce a serene ...
ran flygenring drawings 14

Rán Flygenring’s Charming Life, Illustrated

Charming. It was the word that came to mind when we ran across the work of Icelandic/Norwegian illustrator Rán Flygenring and her improvisational, doodling style of drawing and watercolor. She captures her nomadic lifestyle on small pieces of paper, coloring ...
John Holcroft Illustrations 13-1

Smart Editorial Illustrations from John Holcroft

There’s just one word for the illustrations of John Holcroft: smart. In his work metaphor abounds and humorous juxtaposition is rampant. We see business men sucking the teat of the piggy bank, a literal trap of love, and just what ...

Mágoz: Bold Characters in a Colorful World

Mágoz hails from a small village outside of Barcelona, Spain. His especially balanced compositions are rendered with large spans of color, intentionally left amorphous where it is not altogether necessary.