Read This! How You Can Fight For A Free Internet!

What an exciting time we are living in! It’s one where the people of the planet, internet users everywhere, can rise up, make their voices heard and change the world! The legislative precipice we’ve been perched on lately, one that ...
Libyan 1

Music And Mass Revolution In Libya

In times of great turmoil musicians find inspiration in the moment and attempt to capture the state of political unrest and put the revolution to music and art. In Libya, there’s no exception. MC Swat, 23, is a lyricist who’s ...
Ai Weiwei 3

Chinese Artist Detained. Here is His TED Film.

Last months TED conference featured a moving film about Chinese artist Ai Weiwei highlighting his treatment by the government, social change, the power of social media and Weiwei’s hopes for the future of China. Now he has been detained by ...
Mouth Zipped Shut

Mouth Zipped Shut

Whether you consider Julian Assange to be a hero or a traitor, or something in between, we do know that the Wikileaks controversy has tremendous implications for the future of journalism and the freedom of speech itself.