Tilt-New York New York_07

New York New York: Filming New Work from TILT

You might remember running across the artist TILT earlier this year when he and his crew decorated a Marseille hotel room with what we dubbed as a split personality. Now this french artist with such a bold aesthetic is back, ...

Minimalist Posters Sum Up Each Art Movement

If you have trouble getting your art movement categories straight, then this series of posters by Outmane Amahou would be the perfect study guide. The Moroccan artist based in France has designed a line of minimalist art posters that simplify ...

Skin Deep: The Human Body Gets Shrink Wrapped

French photographer Julien Palast brings us a photo set entitled “Skindeep”, one where silhouettes of the male and female forms are presented behind vibrant gradients of color in a kind of “shrink-wrapped” presentation. Aspects of the the human form reveal ...

Bohemian Burlesque: The Photography of Le Turk

Scenes from the city of old: clowns, angels and showgirls… this is the photography of Le Turk from France. Drawing upon themes of the carnival and burlesque style, Le Turk creates surreal scenes with a vintage cinematic flare.
Harvest Mouse World 16

The Tiny World of the Eurasian Harvest Mouse

These little mice might be the most endearing little creatures out there. Known as the Eurasian Harvest Mouse, they are the smallest european rodent – only about half the size of a normal house mouse – and live in fields ...
Emmanuel Malin Paintings 4

An Illustrated World of Patchwork Fantasy

Paris based artist Emmanuel Malin imagines fantastic etherial illustrations which see worlds made of wild splashes of patchwork color. His works walk a fine line between perfectionism and wild flourishes of free expression, giving his viewers the dreamlike experience of, ...