Cristiano Siqueira 1

Digital Art: A Glimpse Into Tomorrow

Cristiano Siqueira has shared a glimpse into the future with his vector illustrations. Siqueira is from São Paulo, Brazil and has been a professional Illustrator since 2005. Siqueira has worked with Microsoft, Nike and MasterCard to name just a few ...
Juno Poster

Memorable Movies: Piece by Piece

These five posters buck the minimalist poster trend that has been all around the net lately. Rather than simplify all the details, Emma Butler takes the plot and puts in all the important pieces:

Kinetic Toothpicks: 35 Years in the Making

This has to be one of the most beautiful and insane toothpick sculptures ever created… not only did Scott Weavers “Rolling Through San Francisco” take 35 years to construct, but it used over 100,000 of the tiny wooden sticks and ...
Let The Machine Do The Drawing

Let The Machine Do The Drawing

Core77 brings us the DrawingMachine by Eske Rex. Not only are the drawings hypnotic but the sound and movements of the Drawing Machine can put you in a trance. The drawings stand 8′ 11″ x 8′ 11″ (272 cm x ...

Even Silence Won’t Hold Back These Actors

The New York Times Magazine has put together 14 moments by 14 different actors. The project was directed by Solve Sundsbo and scored by Owen Pallette. Each piece is about a minute long and the silent film format allows you ...
One Day One Photo 1

One Day One Photo

When Jonathan Harris turned 30 on August 27th 2009, he decided it was a year to capture his life: to catch memories in quick glimpses and hold on to them. Listening to Harris narratate the creative process of his one ...

Iconic Architecture Simplified

Above is a minimalist poster of Frank Lloyd Wright | Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. Andrea Gallo has created 6 crisp, black and white images highlighting pieces of iconic architecture from around the world. It’s impressive how the incredibly ...
Plama Marble Run 2D_1

Flat Marble Run Is A Thin, Geometric Puzzle

This super sweet toy design lets you create an infinite variety of marble runs on any magnetic surface. Challenging people to use their creative and logical mind, it cleverly forms a rectangular shape when marble time is over, just like ...