Sego y Ovbal 1

Two Names, One Artist, One Mind

. Visual files of unusual bugs and beetles from his native Oaxaca got stuck in his mind like a database, says artist Sego y Ovbal. Sego, or Ovbal, draws and paints fantastical images of these and other things, along with ...
Andy Gilmore 1

A Visual Adventure In Geometry and Light

This master of digital geometry, light, color and composition creates feasts for the eyes. Andy Gilmore leads you into a visual sensation from portraits to pixels, patterning line, color and attention to detail in arresting artwork.

Portraits Carved From Completed Paintings

In a process of creative addition and subtraction, artist Kuin Heuff creates her intricate portraits of men. Looking like intricate wood cuts, each painting began as a complete portrait on paper, Heuff then studies the brush stroke patterns and form ...

The World Is Your Canvas

What if the whole world was your canvas and everything on the street was free for modification, experimentation and making art? That’s the world that French street artist OaKoAk occupies. For the last few years he’s been modifying elements of ...
Jeremy MArie-map

No Ticket Required: Hitchhiking Around the World

Hitchhiking: It’s something your parents told you never to do, right? Meet Jeremy Marie from France. To date, he has traveled 74,000 miles through 64 countries all by hitchhiking. And he’s still alive. His purpose for all the travel is ...
Nobuhiro Nakanishi 3

Beautiful Horizons Captured In Dramatic 3D

Nobuhiro Nakanishi has captured what the world would look like with no man-made objects impeding our vision. Describing his work as “the physical that permeates into the art piece”, Nakanishi appears to snatch a slice of the horizon, freeze it ...
Daniel Makieve 11

Wild Watercolors Bring Characters To Life

Daniel Mackie made the brave decision to give up using Photoshop in 2010. Instead, he decided to use watercolour on 300gsm paper for his dream like paintings with wildly distorted characters. We’re sure glad he did and others are too; ...

3D Figures Painted With Colorful Drips

You’re first thought when handed some paint and plastic rods probably wouldn’t be making 3D figures, but that’s exactly what Chris Dorosz creates. Using just paint, carefully dripped onto thin plastic columns he makes surprisingly distinct figures with presence in ...