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José Luis Ágreda’s Illustrations in Real Space

What first started off as experiments to speed up concept illustration, resulted in surreal, yet familiar environments. The illustrations, at first, don’t seem like paper collage work at all, because the illustrated characters seem to blend in so well with ...
Fall Catalog 2009

Bauhaus’s Intuitive Chess Set

If you have ever failed to remember a chess piece’s playing direction, then this is the chessboard for you. Designed by Bauhaus sculptor Josef Hartwig in 1923, the set’s pieces are formed to represent their particular function. This was accomplished ...

Beautiful Portraits Made With Old Wine Corks

Some artists like to be inspired over a nice bottle of wine; artist Scott Gundersen however, lets others enjoy the wine and makes art from the differently dyed corks. For his most recent portrait “Grace”, he used a total of ...

The World Trade Center Reborn

The World Trade Center is being reborn and the History Channel and Column Five have teamed up together to bring you an infograph of all the details going into the massive rebuild. The building will be 1776 feet tall, which ...
Marchal Mithouard 5

3D Paintings That Explode From The Canvas

Marchal Mithouard (aka Shaka) is a French artist whose paintings literally pop off the canvas into the world around them. To create his pieces, Mithouard first creates a bas relief of his figures on canvas, then paints them in his ...
Tatiana Plakhova 1

Light Beyond Sound

When you see Tatiana Plakhava’s designs, they seem to capture the energy of tiny particles colliding in the Large Hadron Collider, revealing an explosive and colorful beauty. Her highly complex designs combine science, illustration, photography, and music, which makes her ...
Anja Markiewicz Nano Origami 6

A Tiny World of Nano Origami

Using just a toothpick to create her minuscule folds, German paper-crafter Anja Markiewicz makes what must be some of the smallest examples of origami around. Many of her tiniest paper cranes measure only 4mm across (check out those fingerprints for ...
Sabine Troisvallets 6

Minimalist Timelines of Famous Figures

The comic timing is absolutely brilliant on these timeline histories from design house H-57. Looking for how Marie Antoinette met her demise or the unfortunate early end to the legendary Bruce Lee? They’re here in minimal yet revealing detail. Find ...
Heath Nash 2

Turning Trash Into Shade

South African Heath Nash says he has always made things; drawing, cutting, folding sculpting and experimenting with different materials, his entire life. Once out of college, he began turning his passion for creating into a business.