The Sculpted Alphabet 1

This CGI Sculpted Alphabet is Great (and Gross)

There’s minimalist typography, and then there’s this. When the creative folks at design studio Foreal got their hands on the latest release of Cinema 4D along with new sculpting tools, they went alphabet wild. Their one simple rule: choose a ...
Uno Moralez 8 Bit Illustration 13

8-Bit Illustrations From the Land of Strange

If mysterious illustrator Uno Moralez had created video games a few decades back, they would have simply blown our minds. The bizarre creations have a look unlike anything else, often mixing themes from film noir to gothic, anime to Indian ...
Jherin Miller Pixels and Polaroids 1

8-Bit Polaroids Capture a Retro/Digital World

What if the characters of the digital world seamlessly merged with the real one we experience every day? I’m not talking about the high definition world of Tron, but something a lot closer to the Atari 2600’s Pitfall. That’s exactly ...
Cold Mountain 2

Light and Sound in Norway

Light. Music. Norway. In the middle of the night in Oslo, one is taken on a light journey in sync with the sounds of Norwegian band, Cold Mailman. The music video is creative and soothing, 3D projections of lighted rooms create sound ...
The Expressionist 2

The Expressionist: A Philosophy of Design

Renowned designer Michael Wolff shares his wisdom of how he sees the world. One good reason to take note of this video: Wolff has over 50 years experience in his field, not a number to knock by any standard. He ...

Russians Experimenting With Animals

“The end of the 1950s and the beginning of 1960s was a time of significant achievements in the sphere of scientific experiments worldwide and in the USSR. During those years, Soviet scientist started bold experiments on animals. A whole series ...

Imagination at Mini: Not So Small

Just announced at the Geneva Auto show, Mini has a new concept car out. It features some really clever details like a tailgate that will hold your snowboard and double folding doors that help in tight spaces. But, the main ...

A Five Second Lifetime in Reverse

Made for the 5 Second Project over at, this contest winner has a whole life brilliantly expressed in reverse from death to conception. Remember, 5 seconds can hold a lot of life!