360 cinemagraphs

Are These the World’s First 360 Cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs are everywhere, but these examples are beautifully different. Always one to experiment with visual media in delightful ways, Eran Amir has created the first 360 degree cinemagraphs that put you inside the moving image.
Grand Bud

The Easy Way (and the Hard Way) to Make a GIF from a Video

Animated GIFs have been around since CompuServe introduced them in 1987. Since then they’ve been used for everything from MySpace glitter graphics (uggg…), to sweet dance clips, and some really refined cinemagraphs like the one above. While GIFs are everywhere, ...

GIFs: Nature Repeats Itself

To the world of GIFs comes examples that highlight some of more beautiful aspects of the natural world. Whether it be ladybugs, geese, baby turtles or foxes, Dutch tumblr blogger Marinus creates some warm and unique ones. His tumblr blog ...

More Cinemagraphs from Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck

We covered some of Kevin Burg & Jamie Becks cinemagraphs last year and loved them so much we thought we should bring you some more. While cinemagraphs themselves have been around for a while, Kevin & Jamie create unique animated ...

Beautiful Fashion Photography That Moves

Although many fashion photographers strive for lifelike images, or at least a fantasy that looks real, photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphic artist Kevin Burg have teamed up and are truly helping breath new life into fashion photography. Using video ...

Iconic Films Caught in the Moment

If you could take one moment from a favorite film and watch it forever, what would it be? These amazingly well done animated GIF’s from the excellent blog If We Don’t, Remember Me, do just that. By trapping the characters ...