Two Years' Vacation by Jules Verne

Famous Novels Transformed into Book Art

Tokyo-based artist and designer Tomoko Takeda doesn’t just read books, she turns the famous literature into fantastic works of art. Her series ものがたりの断片 (Story Fragments) cuts down into the pages themselves to reveal the story in physical form. She says ...

Home Sweet Tome: A House Cut Into A Book

Danish artist Olafur Eliasson reminds us to never judge a book by its cover. Better known for his public installations and sculptural work, Eliasson’s book Your House brings architectural scale to a microscopic level. Out of 454 pristine pages, Eliasson ...
1 doctorlinguini

Trippy Paintings on the Pages of Books

Why buy expensive art paper or canvas when you can make amazing art on the pages of an old book? That seems to be the motto of deviantARTist CaptainWheeler. She purchased an old cooking dictionary at a garage sale for ...
Loui Jover paintings 8

Ink Illustrations on Vintage Book Pages

Beautiful faces peer from the pages of discarded vintage books. The printed word forms horizontal patterns in contrast with the curving forms of lips and hair, while giving each figure a certain fragility… “as if the wind may blow them ...

Between: Beautifully Braided Books

We’ve seen amazing book carvings by Emma Taylor, Kylie Stillman, Frank Halmans, and Guy Laramee but now comes a series of book art that’s only temporary: book braiding. Math Monahan braids the pages of a book, similar to the way ...

Got Old Phonebooks? Make Art Out Of Them!

Texas based photographer Cara Barer uses old phone books, computer manuals, maps, and comic books to create hypnotic sculptures, which she then photographs. Her inspiration came when she saw a rain-soaked Yellow Pages lying on the ground. She photographed its ...
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Can Your Kindle Do This?

Twenty-three year old artist Kyle Kirkpatrick takes recycling to a whole new level by creating beautiful topographic landscapes out of books. A graduate of Norwich University College of the arts, Kirkpatrick describes his work as follows: