Bike Type: Writing with Chains of Bicycle Love

Madrid, Spain based Jose Luis Romero Ramírez has a thing for flashy and unique typography. His latest creation is a bicycle chain based set of glyphs which would warm any cyclists heart. See more in the series at

Bikes of San Francisco

I was in San Francisco just yesterday, so when I returned home and saw this great ‘Bikes of San Francisco’ poster by Tor, I couldn’t help cracking up at how spot-on it was. A fixie for the Mission and a ...
Visual Bits #2 > Don’t Type While Bicycling

Visual Bits #2 > Don’t Type While Bicycling

Arthur the Giant Puppet Enjoys Ireland [] Trippy Slit Scan video [] Illustrated Caricatures by Sakiroo Choi [] Stunning portraits by Luca-P [] Lichtfaktor Paints the Urban Landscape with Light []

Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes

If there was ever a bike friendly city, it would be Copenhagen, Denmark. At first glance, this city with it’s cold northern climate and population of nearly 2 million wouldn’t seem to make sense as a bicycling meca, but street ...