The Big Lebowski

Movies in Color: Film Stills Broken Down by Color

If you love data, pantone, and cinematography, then you will love this color analysis by Roxy Radulescu. The LA-based graphic designer originally from Illinois was inspired to look into cinematographic color choice when she was watching Skyfall, directed by Sam ...
Evanimal 1

The Dude Vs Tarantino

When he’s not bowling, driving around, or having the occasional acid flashback, The Dude can be found hanging out in scenes from Quentin Tarantino films. This mash-up was created by LA-based graphic designer and illustrator EvANIMAL.

Iconic Films Caught in the Moment

If you could take one moment from a favorite film and watch it forever, what would it be? These amazingly well done animated GIF’s from the excellent blog If We Don’t, Remember Me, do just that. By trapping the characters ...

Mixed Reviews: 20 Famous Drinks from the Movies

Whether it be the White Russian of The Big Lebowski, the Milk Plus of A Clockwork Orange or the rufilin laced drink of the Hangover, like no other prop these libations made their respective films unforgettable. Using movie beverages as ...

The 4 Icon Challenge: Movie Posters

Kyle Tezak really enjoys the art of creating icons. Intriqued by the challenge of distilling information down to a small image, composed of a few simple lines. “That is what’s so great about icons, they’re tiny poems,” he says. Recently ...