A Surreal Summer High Above Italian Beaches

In honor of the holiday weekend (and because summer is almost over) we bring you pictures of what you should be doing today: enjoying every bit of sunshine. German photographer Bernhard Lange captures how the Italians do that from high ...
Alex S MacLean Playing 10

America At Play, From the Air Above

With summer quickly approaching the northern hemisphere, and with the very best activities obviously outside under the hot sun, let’s get an overview of the situation. Alex S. MacLean, the much loved aerial photographer has been doing just that for ...
Alex Maclean NYC Rooftops 1

New York Rooftops Hold Hidden Surprises

One of the most exciting features of New York City is hidden from most of our eyes… unless you can fly. Pilot and photographer Alex MacLean is giving us a different perspective of the Big Apple, looking down on the ...

Straight Off The Runway: Fashionable Aerial Photography

“Surreal” is the look of the season with Joseph Ford’s aerial and fashion photography mash-ups. Calling Brighton home but collecting images from his worldwide travels, Ford sews birds’-eye views with editorial close-ups to create harmonious, yet uncanny, compositions.