Bold and Groovy 70s Love Pads

If there’s one thing missing in modern designs, it’s a whole lot of patterns… I mean lets cover everything in checkerboard print! I’m not sure if these shots of far out interiors from the 1970s are showing us how far ...

Polyester Disasters: Bad Retro Fashions

Is it actually possible these styles were ever in fashion? Here’s a round-up of some vintage polyester rich fashions from the 1970’s: styles that would never make the cut on the city streets (or even country roads) of today. With ...

Vintage Fast Food: Come and Get It!

Fast food sellers vie for your consumable dollars. Which of these vintage ways of promoting their goods attracted the consumer’s attention most? Check out those equally vintage prices too… it’s a far sight from the dollar menus of today.

Long Banned Tobacco Ads

Different brands and types of tobacco; lots of competition. One has this feature or that selling point… but all with the same goal: Attract the consuming public to want mine and not yours.

Christmas Albums That Will Make Your Kids Cry

Here is a selection of awkward, odd, and in some cases just plain bizarre Christmas Album Covers. We feature an assortment of strange Santas, strange people, and in some cases just strange music. Stay tuned for part two, later in ...

The Dawn of Mass Computing: Promotional Photos

Remember the days of 5 1/4 inch floppy disks, reel-to-reel tape drives, green or amber monitors, terminals, big mainframes, big daisy-wheel printers, and more? Here is a selection of vintage promotional photos showing computing equipment of yesteryear.