I’m a small town kid from New England turned New Yorker. A graphic designer who lives and breaths music, comedy, riding my bike, and yes, design. I also tend to bust out some Cantonese when I've had a little to drink.

Taking The Subway From New York to Chicago

Heading home for the holidays? Maybe your folks live back in Brooklyn, or maybe they live out in the sticks. Just how far and where could you get if the NYC subway lines were laid end-to-end in one direction?

Manic Impression: The Illustrations of Ghostshrimp

Cigarettes, casts, knives, arrows, spirits, and blood, are just some of the elements in the fluid world of Ghostshrimp. Self proclaimed ADHD since 1980, Ghostshrimp’s output matches his talent. Working for many cool clients, Ghostshrimp’s main gig is working on ...

Locating a Winner: March Madness Mapped

Where is that team from? It’s a question I often ask myself during March Madness. Marquette… isn’t that in Michigan? Nope, Wisconsin. Where the heck is Xavier? Oh yeah, in Ohio. Chances are that university you’re a little fuzzy on ...

Beautiful Ad Campaign Features Instrument Interiors

Don’t you wish you could hang out and listen to some music in this beautifully lit space? Featuring inside-instrument macro photography, this creative yet simple ad campaign is by art director Bjoern Ewers, for the Berlin Philharmonic with photography by ...

50 Year Old Photos Transformed Into Surreal GIFs

Designer and artist Cari Vander Yacht works for the well known advertising company Wieden+Kennedy by day… but by night she paints and works on experimental projects like this wonderfully surreal series “TGIMGIF” (Thank God It’s Monday’s Graphics Interchange Format).