Project Manager at Column Five, specializing in motion graphics.

SOPA Venn Diagram

The Internet community has spoken and it appears U.S. lawmakers have listened…for now. Visual News was proud to join the January 18th black-out protest. We’re also excited to be back online sharing great visual content with you. That said, the fight ...

Graphic Quote #2: Back to the Future

A Visual News original series for lovers of infographics and cult movies. When possible, we’ll try to include a clip of the quote — (also, consider this your obligatory spoiler alert…though if you haven’t seen this movie , we have ...

Graphic Quote #1: Super Troopers

Combine our love for infographics at Visual News with my personal interest in movies and you have our new Visual News Original series Graphic Quotes. Over the next few months we’ll be posting a weekly graphical interpretation of popular movie quotes.