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How Tobacco Smokes The World

If you think big tobacco companies have been hurt by the virtually indisputable evidence of cigarettes’ negative health effects, think again. Despite selling a product which will eventually kill their customers, tobacco companies still maintain a 26.7% profit margin, 3 ...
Peter Paul Biro

4 Amazing Forensic Science Artists

The words ‘forensic science’ don’t immediately inspire thoughts even relating to art — what we think of is CSI, bloody crime scenes, traces of hair and semen, fingerprints, and criminal profiling. Believe it or not, art can play a huge ...

The State of Education Illustrated

One High School student drops out every 26 seconds. In the time it takes to watch one single episode of Glee, 138 students drop out. That’s the equivalent of the entire student cast plus half of McKinley High.

The Terrorist Takedown (Infographic)

The news of the year – that American forces had not only found but killed Osama bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in modern history – elicited a variety of responses from designers attempting to visually capture what, exactly, went down. This ...
It's the end of Computers as we know it, and I feel fine

The End Of Computers As We Know It?

If you haven’t already heard, the time-honored tradition of buying a new, marginally faster, more expensive computer every year of your life is soon coming to an end. Moore’s law, which in 1965 predicted with startling accuracy that computing power ...