Based in Athens, Greece, Christina is a freelance visual artist who draws her inspiration from a wide spectrum of influences ranging from love lost, to rock music, to movies and literature.

Dreyk the Pirate: a Unique Graffiti Artist

Walking the streets of Athens, one encounters many different graffiti styles: from badly written declarations of everlasting devotion to a sports team or political leaning, to sworn love confessions and small stencils. Sadly, it seems that everyone qualifies as a graffiti “artist”, ...
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, poster, 1910

The Bridge to Utopia: die Brücke’s Wild Expressionism

One of the most organized expressionist groups was “die Brücke” (the bridge), which was established in 1905 in Dresden by 4 young artists – Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Max Pechstein. The groups name was most likely ...