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This Is How The Military Is Getting Ready For The Inauguration

With the inauguration just a couple of days away, there are plenty of steps that must be taken to ensure the safety of everyone attending. One way the military is preparing is by completing walkthroughs of what the entire inauguration day process will be like. But rather than march through the city or use a small map posted on the wall of some classroom, they made use of a giant map of Washington, D.C. to perform the walkthroughs.

The map measures 60 by 40 feet and was being used at the DC Armory to provide a visual of what the entire inauguration day process will be. When laid out, the map even has models of key landmarks, like the U.S. Capitol building and the White House. With over 5,000 service members present to provide support for the ceremony and behind-the-scenes operations, the map gave the military a way to carefully plan and prepare for the procession.

[Via: Flowing Data]

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