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These Photos Reveal The Truth About Hidden Poverty

This holiday season, the Salvation Army in Canada worked with advertising agency Grey to create a campaign that would help people to better understand the realities of poverty. Utilizing Facebook 360 photos, viewers can interact with the ads to see families living in poverty from a different perspective.

salvation army facebook 360

The family photos initially look like any ordinary holiday photo: a Christmas tree decked with colorful lights in the background while smiling parents and kids look into the camera. But as users interact with the ad, a more somber truth is revealed. Here is how the 360 photos worked:

“When people think of life in Canada, we certainly don’t imagine one in ten people here can’t make ends meet, but that’s the reality,” Darlene Remlinger, president of Grey Toronto, tell AdFreak. “Poverty isn’t always easy to see. It’s much closer to us than we want to believe it is. And during the holidays, that’s a reality even more difficult to accept. So through these different executions, we wanted to show people that appearances can be deceiving.”

salvation army facebook 360 poverty

It was important that the ads be cost effective and appeal to millennials. “[U]sing Facebook and some of their new technologies was important for driving more interaction and more engagement with a simple, easily executed format,” says Remlinger. The campaign also included a series of photos, which are equally revealing as their video counterparts.

salvation army facebook 360

“We ended up shooting inside real rooming houses and real impoverished homes,” says Remlinger. “None of the scenes in any of these photographs or films are artificial sets. These are all actual homes in which real Canadian families and individuals live. Places like these are so much more prevalent than we ever imagine they’d be, often in neighborhoods and places you’d never expect to find them.”

Check out the Facebook 360 photos here.

[Via: AdWeek]

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