An App That Helps Prevent Athletes From Getting Injured

An App That Helps Prevent Athletes From Getting Injured

Injuries are basically inevitable in any sport, but there are ways to help prevent them. That’s what the L.A. Dodgers were looking for when they recently began using Kinduct’s Athlete Management System. The app collects information from various devices and sources, such as Fitbits, electronic medical records, and RFID chips, and compiles them together in one convenient location.

Athlete Injury App

Users of the app can cycle through various charts to detect any types of patterns in an individual player or for the entire team. “[Sports organizations] had all this data, but it wasn’t connected,” says Travis McDonough, CEO of Kinduct. “Now we have this layer of predictive analytics that can tell an athlete, ‘Hey, you’re trending toward an injury.’”

The app is also available to personal fitness trainers and corporate wellness providers. The company is also currently experimenting with ways it might be used to help patients in a hospital setting.

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