Check Out The Most Funded Kickstarter Projects In Your City

Since its founding in 2009, Kickstarter has helped to fund thousands of projects worldwide. From music to film, if there’s a project that needs funding, Kickstarter helps connect the backers to the creators so these projects can get off the ground. They’ve basically revolutionized the way products get brought to the market, eliminating financial risks for many project designers.

The popularity of Kickstarter has since compelled Polygraph to take a look at the funded projects to determine which American cities are Kickstarter hotspots. The series of interactive charts were made based on the analysis of over 100,000 projects, which were then sorted by location and type to determine what makes each city unique when it comes to crowdfunding.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

As you scroll over the interactive bubbles that make up each city, you can actually see what projects were backed and by how many backers in that particular city. The project categories are color coded and the size represents the number of backers for each project. The charts are a useful tool when determining a city’s creative heart, like Nashville’s penchant to back projects in music (80%), making it the city with the most concentrated number of projects in one category.



Another great feature of the interactive is the scroll through charts for the most popular cities for certain projects. There you can see a more in-depth view of how projects are broken down city-wise to get a better understanding of what is being funded.

Check out the full interactive here and see how creatively diverse your city is.

[Via: Polygraph]

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