Want To Know What Type Of Alcohol People Drink Around The World?

Want To Know What Type Of Alcohol People Drink Around The World?

If you’ve ever wondered what type of alcohol people drink around the world, wonder no more, because Nathan Yau has created a delightful interactive to let you know just that. Inspired by Matt Stile’s bar chart on alcohol consumption in different countries and Nadieh Bremer’s gooey effects, Yau decided to create a mashup of the two.

The result is an amusing little interactive with undulating splooges representing different alcoholic beverages. As you scroll your mouse over the blobs, they wobble and move away from the cursor.

Alcohol World Interactive

The interactive covers four categories of alcohol: beer, spirits, wine, and other. The “other” category represents beverages like sake in Japan and soju in Korea that don’t exactly fit in the other three categories. The drop down menu allows you to choose which country you’d like to see and, although it may not be the most visually accurate, it’s still fun to see what each country enjoys drinking the most. It’s no surprise that the beer is consumed the most in the U.S., pulling in 50% of alcohol consumption while spirits comes in at 33% and wine at 17%.

Check out the interactive here if you’re curious about the 180 other countries’ booze choices.

[Via: Flowing Data]

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