This Is What Happens When You Mash-Up The Olympics And Movies

The Summer Olympics are always filled with drama. Millions tune in every four years to witness nail-biting races and events to see if their country’s athletes will win the gold. With emotions running high, the Olympics is more like a melodrama than a sports event. It’s no surprise, then to compare the Olympics to blockbuster movies. In a clever mash-up by, the blockbuster film posters get reimagined as Olympic sports.

Exorcist Olympics Mash-up

Instead of the silhouette of a bike flying through the air on the classic E.T. poster, a gymnast performs aerial magic in front of the bright moon, with U.S.A.: The Gymnastics Team written underneath her form. The giant killer whale from Free Willy has been replaced with a pole vaulter and the swimmer on the Jaws poster is more concerned about getting the gold than about a giant great white shark.


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