You Have To Watch These Brilliant Olympics Inspired Videos

If you had been following the Olympics this past month, you witnessed great athletes give it their all to win the gold. But if you weren’t interested in watching the events, maybe this stop-motion video series is for you. Germany-based director Andre Maat created three delightful videos celebrating the “underdog” sports of the Olympics. You can watch a weightlifting melon from Azerbaidjan, a javelin throwing pear from Italy, and a diving banana from Puerto Rico as they attempt to win the gold in the Fruitylympics.

Fruitylympics Videos

The idea to produce the stop-motion videos first came to Maat when he was animating a banana for another project. While working with the banana, he imagined it performing a lot of saltos due to its round shape. From there he imagined various fruits and their movements based on their unique shapes. “As weird as it may sound with stop-motion, I was improvising quite a bit during this project and found ideas and inspiration while shopping [for] the fruit,” said Maat.

FRUITLYMPICS #1: Javelin from Andre Maat on Vimeo.

Maat completed the videos entirely on his own, with the occasional help from his girlfriend when he became too tangled in wires. “In general, I like to do stop-motion as a creative output next to my job as a commercial director,” he explained. “It’s the freedom of not having a crew, but just fooling around myself with the camera and the objects.”

FRUITLYMPICS #2: Weightlifting from Andre Maat on Vimeo.

Presently, there are only three videos in his Fruitylympics series, but he says there might be a sequel that will include some fruity beach volleyball, swimming, or canoeing.

FRUITLYMPICS #3: Diving from Andre Maat on Vimeo.

Check out his other work here.

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