This Is What Happens When You Don’t Let Your Age Define You

Everybody is always worried about their age. For some, that means not being able to do the things you love anymore because they’re “too old,” while for other it means being considered too inexperienced because they’re “too young.” But for these Olympians, they didn’t let their age stop them from achieving the gold and proving that age is really just a number. This interactive puts a spotlight on the youngest and oldest gold medalists throughout the years to show you just how much age doesn’t matter when you go for the gold.

Olympics Age Interactive

Created by the Athletic Edge Sports Medicine (AESM), the interactive piece features 82 Olympians that prove that age is not an unbeatable hurdle when competing to be the best in the world. The events featured were chosen based on their popularity according to Google search results from the end of the 2012 London Summer Olympics to the present. When you scroll over the blocks of color, blue representing males and green representing females, the timeline at the bottom displays the age difference between the athletes. Each block displays the athlete’s name and age, and when the blocks are clicked on, you are given the year the medal was won and the country represented. 

Check out the interactive here.

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