This Is What Happens When 80s Characters Get Reloaded

If you don’t live under a rock, then you’ll probably recognize these iconic 80s characters. From Robocop to Slimer, Tom Ward has taken these classic film and TV characters and given them a modern twist in a series of brilliantly designed illustrations. In his latest project, 80s Reloaded, Ward, a London-based designer and illustrator, decided to put these characters into strange situations that they might find themselves today. His project brings these characters to life once again with a clever twist that any child of the 80s would find humorous.

80s Reloaded Illustrations

Having grown up during this wonderful decade, Ward spent most of his time riding BMX bikes and playing Duck Hunt. He says that his fondness towards the culture from this time is what sparked his interest in creating his series of illustrations based on the characters he grew up with from films and TV. His interpretation of the characters is what makes the series so unique.

80s Reloaded

“I thought it would make the series more interesting to be relevant in today’s world, to see the characters in situations we’ve not seen them before and can relate to,” says Ward. “I wrote down a long list of classic 80s films and TV characters and started to think of ways I could give them a modern twist. After I had the concept for each, I drew them out in pencil before inking them and then colouring them on the computer.”

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His project is currently ongoing, so make sure to follow him here, here, or here.

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