These Ads Will Make You Want To Have Lunch With Seinors

Meals on Wheels doesn’t want your money, they just want your time. The nationally integrated campaign, which was created by ad agency Anomaly and is supported by the Ad Council, is asking people to volunteer some time out of their day to serve a meal to the senior population in the United States.

Meals on Wheels ads

The campaign, titled “America, Let’s Do Lunch,” puts a spotlight on the elderly community that benefits from the time people volunteer for Meals on Wheels. The ads feature various citizens that volunteers may meet throughout the country and their backstories, showing how diverse the elderly community is and the rich companionship they can offer. The ads end with some data and an entreaty that reads: “One in six seniors face the threat of hunger, and millions more live in isolation. So drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello.”

It is projected that the U.S. senior population will double by 2050, and while the elderly are living healthier, longer lives, the ads point out that life is full of unpredictable circumstances. The time that volunteers offer will not only provide senior citizens with a warm meal, it will also remind them that they are still a part of society, combating the feelings of isolation.

“Having someone check on me assures me that I’m not forgotten,” says one client of Meals on Wheels. That is the feeling that Meals on Wheels wants to give senior citizens.

“We want, and need, people to volunteer, not because they feel guilted into doing it but because they see it as a truly rewarding opportunity to spend a little time with some amazing people,” says Carl Johnson, CEO and founding partner at Anomaly. “Frankly, the exact same reason we took on the assignment.”

The campaign launched on TV, radio, print, out-of-home, and digital with the help of We Are Social, who organized influencers on social sites such as Snapchat and YouTube, to help push the campaign across social media platforms. VII Photo, a photo agency, will be capturing portraits of the seniors who utilize Meals on Wheels across the country while Upworthy will be featuring their stories.

Learn more about the initiative here.

[Via: AdWeek]

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