Compare Your Swim Time With A Turtle In This Awesome Interactive

With the Summer Olympics currently underway and the swimming heats taking place over the next few days, it really makes one start to wonder just how fast these swimmers are swimming. This interactive race-off will let you see just how fast Australia’s Olympic hopeful Cameron McEvoy fares compared to a series of marine animals and vehicles.

The interactive allows you to toggle between race and speed view, which compares the top speed of the included participants in kmph. The race view shows the swimmers covering a distance of 100 meters, and when you click start, the little figures representing each contestant moves across the screen according to their speed. If you want to compare your own speed with the other swimmers, you can enter in your information and watch your own little figurine paddle across the screen.

Scrolling over the names prompts a pop-up to hover near your cursor giving you information about that particular animal, swimmer, or vehicle. The animal and vehicle speeds displayed are representative of their top recorded speeds while the swimmer speed and the rowers’ speed are based on their best time in a 100-meter heat and the average speed over 2 kilometers respectively.

Check out the race here.

Interactive race-off

[Via: The Guardian]

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