Never Miss A Flight Again With This Absolutely Helpful Map

With summer finally here, the last thing you want to worry about when you’re about to embark on a much-needed vacation is flight delays. Thanks to the wonderful people at FlightAware, you can now check for flight delays at the top 30 U.S. airports with the MiseryMap. The interactive map also allows you to enter an airline and a flight number and it will direct you to a page with arrival times and the current status of the plane.

flight misery map

The interactive itself is covered with various sized donut charts that highlight the total number of flights in major cities, combining surrounding airports if there are multiple in that city. When a user hovers or clicks a specific city, the interactive will show the flight routes that are experiencing delays or cancellations with the details shown fully in a sidebar. The play button located at the bottom will animate the weather map overlay and the last 48 hours of flights in four-hour increments. This map will surely be useful to the casual and frequent traveler alike.

Check out the map here.

The U.S. MiseryMap of Flight Delays Map Infographic

[Via: Cool Infographics]

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