12 Years of Migration, by Google Trends

Google Mapped 12 Years of Migration in a Radical Data Interactive

The world is ever-changing as its inhabitants look for new livelihoods elsewhere. Migration can be an escape, a promise, or a new beginning. Thankfully, the research that proceeds the actual (exhaustive) process of migrating to new land is no longer mysterious, as the internet replaced cinematic depictions, which replaced on family letters, which replaced rumors, which replaced wild, fantastical tales. Migrants more or less know what to expect, thanks to searching Google—and the Google Trends team wanted to know what that could look like.

That’s why those behind Google Trends visualized 12 years of migration (2004-2016). To complete such a task, they focused on migration-related searches that tied to G7 country [Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The interactive allows users to select a year and choose one of the top 10 source countries. The results for the United States are actually surprising. You don’t see the countries you might assume.

Learn where new residents are coming from by playing around with the  Google Trends interactive.

[via City Lab]
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