Watch This Hilarious Seed Bad-Mouth No Good Agrichemical Firms

Most people don’t know this, but the same six chemical companies (“The Big Six”) responsible for the pesticides used in farming across the United States also control 63% of the seed market. According to the foul-mouthed seed featured in the video, “that’s f*cked up.” In this short film campaign, Mr. Seed talks about the importance of organic seeds over the chemical alternatives that flood so much of the market.

The film titled Mr. Seed was produced by Austin, Texas-based design studio The Butler Bros. for the Clif Bar Family Foundation and was directed by the animation company Buck. The campaign features a foul-mouthed organic seed who delivers a bleeped-out rant about GMO (genetically modified) seeds which have led to the nutrient decline of 43 crops, over $15 billion in health costs in 2005 alone from agricultural pesticide exposure, and is responsible for an unsustainable food system.

The seed, voiced by comedian Pete Holmes, offers an alternative narrative in hopes of challenging the hold big agrichemical companies have on the market. “Is this what America wants to eat?” he asks. “Unlike those GMO bros, organic seeds like me can feed the world without ruining it because we keep it clean. We don’t dirty ourselves with all those pesticides.”

Adam Butler, founder and strategic chief of The Butler Bros., explains the importance of the film:

“Organic seed needed a voice that couldn’t be ignored so its advantages could be shared broadly. Mr. See was born to be that voice, and not it is thanks to an ambitious script, a brave client and an epic collaboration with Buck.”

“With Mr. Seed, we hope to raise interest and awareness in organic and increase conversations about changing our chemically dependent food systems,” says the director of the Seed Matters campaign,Matthew Dillon. “We want to show people that there are alternatives, that they have a choice and a role to play in the solution.”

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