Startling Ad Wants You To Save A Life

There are more than 121,000 men, women, and children on the transplant waiting list that require a lifesaving transplant at any given point. Even though an average of 79 patients receive an organ transplant daily, a new name is added to the list every 10 minutes and 22 people die each day while waiting. Sadly, due to the lack of organ donors, there are roughly 8,000 deaths in the United States alone every year. To raise awareness about the need for more donors, agency DDB from Buenos Aires, Argentina created an eye-opening ad for the Fundacion Argentina de Transplante Hepatico (FATH).

organ transplant liver

The ad features two glass human figurines attached in an hourglass configuration. Instead of sand, an organ drips from one figurine to the one below, filling the empty space. The imagery is shocking and startling, but perfectly conveys the importance of organ donors. Since 1988, there have been over 655,000 transplants thanks to the many donors worldwide. Hopefully this ad encourages more people to donate to help save a life.

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[Via: Ads of the World]

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