Ad to Help Conserve Water by Redfuse Y&R New York for Colgate

These Hotel Sinks Will Absolutely Make You Conserve Water

Everyone wants to help the world. But the notion of charity or donation can immediately fly the flag of daunting. There are, however, simpler ways to remind those in passing what our planet and people demand of us as individuals. For instance, a decision as simple as turning off the water when you’re not using it can make a difference. It requires nothing and does something. Wanting to move on that ease of direct action, Colgate aimed to conserve water with a brilliant campaign.

To drive home their aspiration in a captivating way, Colgate partnered with the Marriott hotel chain in Brazil to lay ads depicting a parched girl holding a cup that lines up with the sink’s drain in each guest’s bathroom. For such a dramatic and innovative campaign, Colgate brought in Redfuse Y&R New York to target Sao Paulo and Recife, two cities that have been impacted by a lack of water this last year.

See the powerful move in action below.

[via Creativity Online]
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