Check Out These Amazing Neon Photos Of Tokyo’s Exciting Nightlife

Tokyo offers plenty of sights and excitement for the average tourist, but for Liam Wong, who calls the bustling metropolis his home, there’s more to the city than the iconic locations people all over the world have come to appreciate. An art director for Ubisoft by day, Wong spends most of his nights exploring Tokyo, and sometimes London, and the many winding streets covered in bursts of neon.

Neon Tokyo

The images Wong captures seem to be more like stills taken right from the video games he oversees. He shares his photos on Instagram, where his large collection shows how technology is interwoven throughout the city’s buildings and landscapes. Wong’s photos capture a reality that is reminiscent of the streets found in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, with streets splashed with neon and flashing LEDs as dark figures swiftly move through the labyrinth that is Tokyo.

Check out more of his work here.

Neon Tokyo Neon Tokyo Neon Tokyo Neon Tokyo Neon Tokyo Neon Tokyo Neon Tokyo Neon Tokyo

[Via: This Is Colossal]


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