This LEGO Serial Killer Will Make You Have Nightmares

Everything is absolutely not awesome. This LEGO serial killer, brought to life by Finnish photographer Juhamatti Vahdersalo, makes you rethink the friendly childhood toy (not so friendly when you stepped on them in the middle of the night, though). Vahdersalo’s photo series imagines what the life of a brutal serial killer might be like, but if he was a LEGO mini-figure.

LEGO Serial Killer

The images follow the life of a lone, grim LEGO character and his day to day killings. The series, titled It’s Just a LEGO…Nothing Personal, imagines how the nameless killer might hack up his victims and the imaginative ways he disposes of the bodies, or at least parts of the bodies.

LEGO Serial Killer

Not many people think to build their LEGO creations into something so sinister, but for Vahdersalo, it was a way for him to play around with several mediums to make people actually contemplate about what they were looking at. “I like to play with discordant feelings and I thought putting familiar toys to dark scenarios will make you look and think twice about it,” he says. His morbidly gruesome creations do just that.

Check out more of his work here.

LEGO Serial Killer LEGO Serial Killer LEGO Serial Killer

[Via: Vox]

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