In the City of Light, the color white bounces through, from the rows of sidewalk cafés to the jewel-like Eiffel Tower once the orange sun sinks to the earth like a wino. But the dazzling palette sweeping through the tunnel of the A86 Duplex, between Rueil-Malmaison in Vélizy, just on the southwest outskirts of Paris, is there because of Felipe Pantone.

The Argentinian-born artist and team came to Paris to contribute a retro techno-spacey collection of murals to the Lasco Project, an ongoing series curated by Hugo Vitrani for Palais De Tokyo.  Pantone is known for his playfulness with dimensions and illusions, utilizing walls, floors, and ceilings, and here, he taps into a Tron angle in a “cathedral of concrete.”

The tunnel’s typically a no-go for the general public, but was opened briefly in May, so that Parisians could behold Pantone’s digital landscape crawling and stretching through the 4,000-m2 space.

See the wonderful walk for yourself below.