Zebra Crossing Optical Illusions

3D Optical Illusions Will Make You Drive Slower

Due to the photographs that people use to sell themselves on social media and in the online dating world, we are all too familiar with how a careful choice of angles can make someone look much different than they do IRL. Utilizing perspective is a great visual trick to make you look more flattering, but those same techniques can actually be used to save lives.

After noticing problems with heavily trafficked areas in Ahmedabad, India, the company that manages highways there enlisted the help of artists to solve a public safety issue. Many of the city’s pedestrian crossings span high- speed thoroughfares, adding an element of danger to the walk home for schoolchildren.

The aforementioned artists, mother-daughter duo Shakuntala Pandya and Saumya Pandya Thakkar, made a simple modification to the ubiquitous striped zebra crossings that increases the safety level for anyone using the road. By adding a differently colored set of faces to the standard block design, the optical illusion of a third dimension is created. Instead of seeing flat stripes running across the road, a driver approaching the crossing perceives what looks like a roadblock, causing said driver to apply the brake pedal (assuming said driver is a decent human being who also doesn’t wish to have an expensive trip to the auto body shop and a government-sponsored vacation behind bars).

Inspired by a similar project in China, the two artists were commissioned to paint four crosswalks in faux three-dimensional fashion. Since then there has been a marked decrease in accidents, meaning that schoolkids are now able to cruise across the street with one less worry on their minds – after stopping and looking both ways before crossing, of course.

Check out some snaps of the artists’ work below.

[Via Fastcoexist]

Zebra Crossing Optical Illusions

Zebra Crossing Optical Illusions

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