These Are Strange And Unique Crocheted Organ Sculptures

Michigan artist Anne Mondro has always been fascinated by human anatomy, and it really shows in her work. Because of this interest, Mondro creates her own versions of internal organs and bodies with crocheted sculptures. Using thin copper and steel wires, she invests hundreds of hours just to complete a single piece of artwork. She constructs her own interpretations of various organs, such as lungs and the heart, as well as limbs and sometimes entire bodies.

crocheted sculptures

In the past Mondro has lent her crocheting skills to build a replica of a Model T engine for the Love Lace exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum back in 2011, but anatomy is the continual focal point of her work.

crocheted sculptures

For Mondro, crocheting is more than just a knitting technique. “Crocheting wire enables me to create interwoven forms that are structurally strong, yet visually and physically light,” Mondro explains. “The forms allude to ethereal silhouettes associated with shadows, ghosts or decay.”

Check out more of her work here.

crocheted sculptures crocheted sculptures crocheted sculptures

[Via: This Is Colossal]

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