Rockway Spray Painted Beach House, by Katharina Grosse

When a Beach House Is in Ruins, Give It a New Coat of Spray Paint

Creativity is always welcome. Even if destruction is assured, inevitable, and already on its way, creation pops and dazzles with freedom, fun, and color. Such is the case with one lonely beach house in the Rockaways, wholly in ruins with its grandest sunny days of spring flings and summer bashes behind it. But before the hammers swing and a wrecking ball parades through its frames on the New York coast, Katharina Grosse had to set it ablaze with spray paint.

An installment in MoMA PS1’s ongoing series Rockaway!, the beach house will get a wilder version of “a new coat of paint.” The plan isn’t to save it, but to give it the chance to go out in glory with spectators. What you see is a rendering of the Berlin-based artist’s plans, uploaded by MoMA PS1 Director Klaus Biesenbach.

Nature plays a strong part in Grosse’s projects, as Grosse beautifies what the winds and waters have largely lashed and swamped. Like her spray-painted house project in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, this abandoned homestead in Fort Tilden was beaten to an untimely death by Hurricane Sandy.

See what the iconic beach house looks like before Grosse gets her colorful hands on it.

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