Aerial Views Give Way To The Most Amazing Wedding Photos In The World

Helene Havard, a photographer based out of Tahiti, is reimagining traditional wedding photos. Using drone technology to capture stunning aerial photographs of the wedding couple instead of classic portraiture, Havard is able to capture images that make the couple seem like they are the only two people in the world.

wedding photos

The images were captured all through the French-Polynesian islands, which offered beautiful scenescapes of turquoise waters and forests of palm trees. The subjects in Havard’s photos are placed together in a seemingly limitless landscape which helps to express the feeling of closeness and love between the couple.

wedding photos

With the help of the videographer Flying World Pictures, Havard creates these romantic photos by directing the drone operator from the ground. The resulting images are dreamy and picturesque with the wedding couple featured in their own private little world.

Check out more of her work here.

wedding photos wedding photos wedding photos wedding photos wedding photos

[Via: My Modern Met]

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