Watch A Rare Fascinating 19th Century Machine Make Candy

Florida-based candy shop Public Displays of Confection specializes in vintage candy-making techniques. Using tools from the 19th century, the confectioners create delightful custom sweets for their many customers. On their site, you can find many videos of their sweet-making process using vintage methods. In their latest video, the confectionary shop demonstrates how a Victorian-era candy drop maker is used to create little sugary balls of goodness.

candy maker

Watching the process is mesmerizing and answers the question: Why are lemon drops called drops? The video explains the history of sweets-making and the painstaking process it took to restore the machine. The machine is comprised of cogs and cranks that work together to spin sets of brass rollers, each pair weighing around 10 pounds, that press sugar sheets into perfectly shaped candies. The sweet featured in the video is called a Nectar Drop (something that tastes like a mixture between a pound cake and almonds), the recipe originating from 1800s by the creators of the vintage  machine. The video explains that they make this flavor in the machine out of respect to the family that created the drop candy maker. Watch the whole video to see the entire process and learn some candy-making history.

candy maker

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[Via: This Is Colossal]

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