Play Pinball As You Paint Fascinating Images At The Same Time

State of Play Games latest project INKS is a combination of the classic game pinball and interactive art. The background of the pinball game becomes the canvas as the ball pings and ricochets across the board. The traditional bright lights and clinking sounds are replaced by pockets of paint that erupt into beautiful splashes of color, the ball leaving trails of paint as it moves and rolls across the background.

The London-based game developer has created similar games in the past, like award-winning Lumino City. In this game, the company filmed and photographed real paper sets and characters as the primary elements in the immersive puzzle game. INKS maintains the same attention to detail found in Lumino City but offers faster gameplay. Another fun element in INKS is the ability to print and share each pinball painting as the player completes each level.

Pinball game

Luke Whittaker from State of Play says that the developers were slightly influenced by Sam van Doom’s pinball game from 2012. A description of the game on their website:

Inspired by artists like Miro, Matisse, Jackson Pollock and Bridget Riley, each table becomes a unique work of art in its own right, sculpted by the player as they fire an ink covered ball around the canvas. The player is encouraged to share their final work of art on social media with the iOS share function. They can even print them out if they like — with the story of their perfect game literally drawn on the canvas in front of them, something to be proud of and share.

INKS is a perfect example of technology and art coming together to produce something beautiful and innovative.

Learn more about their game here.


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