Watch Drones Soar And Twinkle In A Beautiful Aerial Ballet

Japan is known for its rich history and traditions. Even in a world filled with technology, the people of Japan are still able to play tribute to the traditions that define the country. In this video, 16,500 lights twinkle in the night sky as drones perform a ballet set to traditional Japanese shamisen music.

Drone Ballet

Although there are strict regulations preventing private pilots from flying drones in public parks, that did not stop Japanese company MicroAd from releasing more than 20 of their LED-clad Sky Magic drones into the skies in front of Mount Fuji. The drones dance across the sky in formation in the twilight as the sounds of the centuries-old instruments resonate in the background while the immovable mountain, an ancient figure of Japan, looms over in the backdrop.

drone ballet

The outcome is a beautiful union between the past and the future. As the drones perform their ballet in the early evening light, the lights look more like lanterns or fireflies flitting about until their mechanical source is revealed when they begin to flutter and tremble in unnatural arrangements.

Learn more about the Sky Magic drones here.


[Via: The Verge]

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