Welder Plays With Texture To Create Beautiful Steel Sculptures

Under the name Madero / Co., sculptor David Madero creates amazing sculptures using welding to create textural differences in smooth steel, turning the pieces of metal into amazing works of art. Considered one of the best welding artists in the world, Madero and his team work tirelessly to create the sculptures that highlight themes such as power, determination, and strength of ordinary men. Each piece that Madero produces features subjects that are warring with one another. The tension in every sculpture is perceived either visually or conceptually.

steel sculptures

Welding dates as far back as 300 C.E. and was primarily used in building construction. Madero redefines the craft through his work, turning cold steel into emotive pieces of art that convey emotions and beauty. Based out of Torreón, Mexico, Madero and his team work together on the steel works of art while capturing images of the process to share on their Instagram.

Check out more of his work here.

steel sculptures steel sculptures steel sculptures steel sculptures steel sculptures

[Via: My Modern Met]

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