Absolutely Wonderful Photos Of A Tiny Astronaut Exploring

Photographer Aaron Sheldon has brought back wonder and adventure in his latest photo series Small Steps And Giant Leaps. With the help of his 4-year-old son, Sheldon captures images of his son on adventures in what would be considered an alien landscape to wondering eyes. Dressed up as a tiny astronaut, Sheldon’s son wanders and explores everyday spaces while Sheldon captures the moments.

Tiny Astronaut

The concept first came about when Sheldon was on a bus ride with his son. He noticed how captivated his child was by the everyday mode of transportation and decided that he wanted to spotlight the ability that children have to look at something commonplace as exciting and new. In the beginning Sheldon just took images of his son as he followed him around while doing mundane chores. It wasn’t until the father son duo were at a doctor’s appointment talking about role models that could possibly be “brave enough” to endure the exam table that the boy asked about astronauts. From then on, his son wanted to wear his astronaut costume to every medical appointment and wondered about how everyday tasks—such as grocery shopping or doing laundry—might function in space. His questions inspired the locations for the each of the photographs Sheldon captured.

Tiny Astronaut

Sheldon says that each image takes anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and each image is slightly candid since the 4-year-old doesn’t exactly like to sit still. Most images feature Sheldon’s son “in his own little world” as he explores and adventures through supermarkets and libraries. Through his work Sheldon hopes to remind adults that adventure is out there and that there is no limit to the imagination of children. “Our job as parents is to act as their mission control and co-pilot…To make sure they can explore as much of their new world as possible.”

Check out more of his work here.

Tiny Astronaut Tiny Astronaut Tiny Astronaut Tiny Astronaut Tiny Astronaut Tiny Astronaut Tiny Astronaut

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