Toy Dinosaurs Travel The World In Delightful Photo Series

Bolivian photographer and world traveler Jorge Saenz has captured something rare that many thought was not possible anymore: dinosaur tourists! In his Instagram series, dubbed #dinodinaseries, Saenz uses plastic dinosaur toys and clever perspectives to capture what looks like dinosaurs enjoying the sites while on vacation. The angle at which Saenz photographs the plastic toys makes them look as if they are towering over the landscape, silently enjoying popular landmarks and beautiful scenery.

Toy Dinosaurs

Saenz began the project when he bought his first dinosaur toy, a green brachiosaurus, from a flea market in La Paz, Bolivia, which he promptly named Dino. After his post of Dino gained a lot of attention, he decided to add to his collection. The happy dinosaur family now include Dina, the stegosaurus, Spiny the spinosaurus, and Brachy, a brown brachiosaurus that also happens to be Dino’s girlfriend. Saenz has since gone on to capture images of the touring dinosaurs throughout South America, in countries such as Paraguay and Peru.

Check out more of his work here.

Toy Dinosaurs Toy Dinosaurs Toy Dinosaurs Toy Dinosaurs

[Via: This Is Colossal]

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