Time And Space No Longer Exist In An Abandoned Bowling Alley In New Mexico

Out in Santa Fe, New Mexico, there’s a Victorian house where time and space has completely dissolved. Built inside of an abandoned bowling alley, visitors are welcome to explore and interact with the installations and various buildings located throughout the 20,000-square-foot space. The interactive experience is known as House of Eternal Return and is the brainchild of the 150-member artist collective known as Meow Wolf. The experience includes 70 different spaces, an arcade with 14 games, 4 treehouses, and an interactive cave system.

Abandoned Bowling Alley

As visitors explore the large enclosure, they are asked to answer one question: “What happened to the Seligs?” The Selig family is the fictitious family living in the Victorian home, including an artist, her inventor husband, and their young son. As guests weave and wander, discovering secret passageways and hidden mysteries, each interaction that they have helps to unfold the mystery and is all part of a larger non-linear narrative. The more visitors interact with their surroundings, the more the story unravels.

Abandoned Bowling Alley

The large building was purchased for Meow Wolf by Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin and is being leased to the collective for a 10-year span.

Find out more information about the collective and the experience here.

Abandoned Bowling Alley Abandoned Bowling Alley Abandoned Bowling Alley Abandoned Bowling Alley Abandoned Bowling Alley

[Via: My Modern Met]

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